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Basic Phone Troubleshooting

Basic Phone Troubleshooting

Are you having a problem with your phone? If you do, let me remind you that not all phone problems need a technician. By your own, you can fix some of those phone issues. Listed below are some of that common problem and the tips on how to troubleshoot it. Before it, always take note that you need a help of professional repair technician if the below techniques do not work on your phone.

Basically, most of the phones problem can be fixed by restarting the phone. Additionally here are some common issues on troubleshooting techniques.

  • Phone not turning on. When your phone is not turning on, the problem can be simple. It can either be a battery drain, defective charger or defective battery. To test and solve the problem you should charge your phone and see if the charger is working effectively. If it does not work, replace it. If your charger is working and still the phone is not turning on, try to replace the battery or use tester to know if the battery is in good condition. If the charger and battery are in good condition and your phone is not turning on, that is the time to call a help from a reliable phone repair technician.
  • Display not working? Let your phone rest for at least 5 minutes before turning on. The mobile phone might be in extreme temperature so it needs rest. If it still not working then bring your mobile phone to the nearest repair shop.
  • No volume/ very low volume? Restart your mobile phone and check the settings. Make sure that the volume setting is not in the mute mode/silent mode. If it is in not in the mute/silent or low volume, check the signal. Sometimes the problem is with the network signal.

Again call a help of the phone repair technician and visit sites such as if after performing the above corrective action and the problem is not solved. With these tips, you can save money and time. Instead of traveling just to drop by or pickup r the goods you can do it in advance.